Comfort-Air In The Waistband Holster

Telor Tactical is excited to introduce the new Comfort-Air ITW (In the Waistband) Holster. This amazing new holster gives you the most cool and comfortable option for in the waistband carry. We use medical grade materials for pressure management and to keep you cool. The Sil-Air foam on the inside means you will have long lasting comfort while this unique silicone material keeps the weapon from digging into you while allowing airflow to your skin. This product can also be machine washed to keep it clean and fresh.

  • Medical grade Spacer fabric for cool comfort.
  • Sil-Air silicone foam inside so the top of the gun or holster will not dig into your side.
  • The entire holster allows airflow to your skin.
  • Reinforced belt clips for a very secure hold.
  • Two stretch to fit holster sizes so we can fit any of your handguns.
  • Machine washable.
  • Reasonably priced
  • Proudly made in the USA.

When selecting your holster size we have Compact and Sub-compact sizes. The Compact will fit most for your 9mm calaber and higher auto and revolver handguns. The Sub-compact is a great fit for most ofyour .380 and lower calaber handguns including the new Glock 42 and many of your new smaller 9mm, such as the Khar PM9 or Sig P938


Additional Images: 
Comfort-Air ITW
Comfort-Air ITW Smith&Wesson revolver and Glock 42
Comfort-Air ITW