About Telor Products, LLC

The Story Behind Telor Products, LLC

Telor Products, LLC is the brainchild of David Leverett, who has over 20 years experience in Product Development, Design, and Manufacturing. David has planned and studied for years to start an organization that can bring his own and many other’s ideas to market. And now it’s a reality. He has pulled together an “A-Team” to Develop, Design, Manufacture, and Market products. With our cut and sew operation we make our products and offer our sewing services to make quality products here in the USA.

The expertise of our team lies in 6 product categories:
  • Tactical Products
  • Medical - Tissue Management, Positioning, and Orthodics
  • Sports Protective Gear
  • Travel Seating
  • Hunting and Fishing Gear

We have personnel that can help bring concepts in these categories to a design that is ready to be efficiently manufactured. We have a network of materials suppliers and manufacturing partners both domestic and international to bring product designs to life.

And finally, we have partnerships with sales and distribution organizations to sell and move the products in the appropriate markets.

In other words, we can work with you to take your product ideas through the entire process from concept, to design, to tooling, to manufacturing, to sales. Start with a call to Telor team and see your financial dreams come true!