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Comfort-Air Bodyband Gun HolsterTelor Tactical Cheek Pad - Rifles & ShotgunsComfort-Air Thigh Gun HolsterTelor Tactical Cloud Deer Stand PadStock Sock Recoil Suppressor - Shotguns & Rifles

Check out our new revolutionary T-fit Ankle Holster!

Telor Tactical is a division of Telor Products, LLC, a company located in Appling Georgia. We design, develop, and manufacture products. Telor Tactical is our line of Tactical Gear that is all manufactured right here in the USA. Our goal is to design and manufacture premium tactical gear, gun holsters and accessories, yet still offer them at a reasonable price. We are a young company that is constantly developing new products so be sure to visit our site often to see what’s new. Our best sellers are our tactical gun holsters: Ankle Holster, Bodyband Holster & Thigh Holster.

We are also looking for input from our customers to hear what other products are needed or can be improved.  Check out our Product Development page to see how you could profit from your product idea! We develop products for just about any market area, not just the tactical market. So let us know about your product idea so we can help you bring it to market!