IWB Holster, Ankle, and Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry

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Comfort-Air In The Waistband Holster
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Comfort-Air LE Ankle Holster 
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Thank you Guns America

We have been saying for a long time we make some of the most comfortable holsters on the market.

But now you don't have to take our word for it!

Guns America just did a review on our Comfort-AIR IWB and our GO-Band.

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Introducing The Innovative New Telor Tactical Go-Band,


Telor Tactical is excited to introduce the new Comfort-Air Go-Band. This amazing new holster is a Go Bag that wears like Telor’s Bodyband Holster. It features a holster, snap down 2” strap for a multi-tool in a belt case, 2 MOLLE style pouches, and plenty of MOLLE webbing to add whatever gear you need. We use medical grade materials for pressure management and to keep you cool. The Sil-Air foam and Slip-Not behind the holster means lasting comfort and the Go-Band will stay in place and not slide down or slip around. This durable product can also be machine washed and is made in the USA.

* Medical grade Spacer fabric for cool comfort.
* Sil-Air silicone foam and Slip-Not behind gun so it will not dig into your side and will stay in place.
* MOLLE webbing to add all of your gear
* Includes 2 MOLLE style pouches
* Rolls up neatly for easy storage and quick access.
* Reinforced 2” adjustable side release buckle for a very secure hold.
* Go-Band has place for your multi-tool in a belt carry case
* Two stretch-to-fit holster sizes to fit any of your handguns.
* Machine washable in cold water then hang dry.
* Reasonably priced
* Proudly made in the USA.


We are excited to announce the arrival of our Comfort-Air ITW Holster (In The Waistband or IWB Holster)!

Our new Comfort-Air ITW Holster is an amazingly comfortabe ITW (or IWB, if you prefer). This new holster gives you the most cool and comfortable option for in the waistband carry. We use medical grade materials for pressure management and to keep your skin cool. The Sil-Air foam on the inside means you will have long lasting comfort while the unique silicone material keeps the weapon from digging into you and allows airflow to your skin. This product can also be machine washed to keep it fresh.

  • Medical grade spacer fabric for cool comfort.
  • Sil-Air silicone foam inside so no more will the top of you gun or holster dig into your side.
  • The entire holster allows airflow to your skin.
  • Reinforced belt clips for a very secure hold.
  • Two stretch to fit holser sizes so we can fit any of your handguns.
  • Machine washable.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Proudly made in the USA.


Introducing our Comfort-Air LE Ankle Holster!

The Comfort-Air LE has all of the same attributes as the Telor Tactical Comfort-Air Ankle Holster, which is the most comfortable lightweight ankle holster you will ever wear. The LE features a Quick Draw system that gives you the choice of Thumb break or our own Draw-Through design. The Comfort-Air Ankle Holsters are so comfortable because they are made of a spacer fabric used for medical cushions, designed to allow air flow to your leg that keeps your skin cool and dry.  Telor has also designed the Comfort-Air Ankle Holster that is much wider than other gun holsters.  The wide design distributes the pressure around your leg, allowing for better circulation.  It also means the ankle has more contact with the perforated non-slip fabric for less movement.
The Sil-Air padding behind the gun is a patented silicone foam material that allows airflow to the leg, while forming to both the gun and to the leg.  Sil-Air reduces the imprint of the gun on the leg and is very durable.
Our neoprene holster forms to the gun to create a perfect fit.  Comfort-Air  LE Ankle Holster comes in three sizes for compact semi-automatics, sub-compacts/small revolvers,and our new mid-size for the new Glock 42 and the new small frame 9mm such as the Kahr PM9.
The amazing lightweight design is so cool and so comfortable that it is hardly noticeable to the wearer, even on hot days. Telor Tactical makes concealed gun carry a pleasure.

  • Lightweight
  • Cool from air-flow design of all materials
  • Full 6-inch wide air exchange band designed to disperse pressure for better circulation
  • Larger Non-slip material area to hold securely in position
  • Perforated Non-slip material to maintain air flow
  • Sil-Air Silicone foam padding between gun and ankle for superior comfort
  • Machine Washable
  • Stretch-to-shape holster design creates a perfect fit for your gun
  • Comfortable, soft and stretchable
  • Quick Draw Safety strap that give you the choice of Thumb break or Draw-Through for quick access
  • Three sizes available, Compact Semi-automatics, Mid-size, and Subcompact/revolver (typically .380 or .22)
  • Moderately priced for high quality
  • Proudly made in the USA

When choosing the holster size on your Telor Tactical Holster our description of "sub-compact" is great for small frame .380, .22, and .25 cal handguns. The "compact" size holster  fits most any compact handgun 9mm and higher, such as a .40 or .45 cal. And our new "Mid-size" holster size  for a perfect fit to the G42 and all of the new small frame 9mm, such as the Kahr PM9. 

Telor Tactical is a division of Telor Products, LLC, a company located in Appling Georgia. We design, develop, and manufacture products. Telor Tactical is our line of Tactical Gear that is all manufactured right here in the USA. Our goal is to design and manufacture premium tactical gear, gun holsters and accessories, yet still offer them at a reasonable price. We are a young company that is constantly developing new products so be sure to visit our site often to see what’s new. Our best sellers are our tactical gun holsters: Ankle Holster, Belly Band Holster and IWB Holster or ITW Holster

We are also looking for input from our customers to hear what other products are needed or can be improved.  Check out our Product Development page to see how you could profit from your product idea! We develop products for just about any market area, not just the tactical market. So let us know about your product idea so we can help you bring it to market!